I'm a Shopping Editor Who Likes Casual Outfits—6 Easy Items I'm Backing

I'm a Shopping Editor That Likes Casual Outfits—6 Easy Items I'm Backing



I dress up from time to time when it makes sense for the occasion, but I typically live in casual outfits for my day-to-day life. But as a shopping editor who writes about fashion daily, I’m a firm believer that casual doesn’t mean boring. In fact, there are actually a few specific easy summer items I’m currently wearing and/or recommending to others to create chic casual looks.

Below, I’m showcasing the pieces in question that also seem to be front-runners for some of my favorite fashion follows on Instagram. If you keep scrolling, you’ll uncover everything from an of-the-moment shoe silhouette to my go-to shirting style. There’s also a range of shopping inspiration for each category in case you too want to add one of the items to your own wardrobe. 

Denim Shorts/Cutoffs

I basically live in denim shorts and cutoffs all summer long. They're just casual and cool. The good news is that you can find your ideal style at basically any retailer from Zara to Shopbop to MyTheresa.

When it comes to sneakers, retro-inspired styles complete most of my casual 'fits. The brand P448 makes great styles and is launching its new Limitless Collection that features sizes EU35 through EU50. I also hit up Nordstrom and Italist (great Golden Goose options at A+ prices). Oh, and sneaker subscription service Kyx as well.

The best cargo pants for women



Yep, I, like just about every other fashion person I know this season, am backing cargo pants as an easy and chic silhouette to wear with tees, button-down shirts, and so on.

Relaxed Shirts

The best shirts for women



I include oversize button-down shirts in many of my stories because they're true wardrobe staples for me right now. I love the idea of leaving one unbuttoned like this with a tank or tee underneath for a great casual ensemble. I've actually been shopping The Outnet more (the retailer just launched a men's section), and there are so many strong shirting options.

Ballet flats are totally having a moment and are absolutely adorable with a range of outfits. Sure, you could dress them up, but I think they work fantastically with an outfit like this featuring loose jeans and a tucked-in white tee.

Similar to ballet flats, a miniskirt is another option that can feel dressy when styled in a certain way. But if you team one with relaxed shirting and either sneakers or yes ballet flats, the outcome is the perfectly casual-chic look.