I've Worked Out the Items Carrie Bradshaw Always Wears No Matter the Decade

Carrie Bradshaw is nothing if not a fashion devotee. After all, she is the character who once said she would sometimes buy Vogue instead of dinner because she felt it "fed her more." And while I would by no means advocate for that sort of behaviour, you do have to admire her passion for the cause.

From the original Sex and the City series to the movies and new season on the horizon, Bradshaw's wardrobe has long been a hotly debated topic of conversation. Between the eclectic styling, OTT accessories and sheer number of Manolo Blahniks, there's always been a lot to discuss.

However, while we could spend hours debating the best SATC looks of all time or dissecting in great detail the true meaning behind Bradshaw's latest outfits, today, we're here to recount her penchant for recycling from her own wardrobe.


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Over the last few months, SATC fans have been offered glimpses into the filming of the new series, And Just Like That, and of course, all anyone can talk about is the fashion. 

It's been refreshing to see that in 2021, Bradshaw has delved into her own archives to rediscover key pieces she's worn before. Thus far, we've spotted several accessories on set that look quite familiar, including the black studded belt she wore several times in the original movie and the famed blue Manolos she wore to wed Big.

Bradshaw knows it's chic to repeat. Keep scrolling to see how she is rewearing her favourite accessories in 2021.

1. The Studded Belt

We were introduced to this studded belt by Streets Ahead in the very first scene of the first Sex and the City movie, and it's been a pretty regular fixture on Bradshaw's waist ever since. She wore the item several times throughout that initial film, and Sarah Jessica Parker has recently been spotted wearing the belt again on the set of And Just Like That paired alongside a fuchsia midi dress.


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2. The Blue Manolo Blahniks

Anyone who has seen the first film will remember these iconic shoes. They are the heels Big used to propose with, after all, and Bradshaw subsequently wore the pair to marry him at City Hall. Of course, the memorable Manolos are back for 2021, as the shoes have been spotted on Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of And Just Like That.


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3. The Flower Brooch

Keen-eyed SATC fans noticed this flower brooch looked somewhat familiar, and the women behind the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc managed to narrow it down. Bradshaw first wore this brooch in season three, episode two alongside her forever-favourite fur coat. For 2021, the accessory has been elevated somewhat, now appearing on the lapel of a very chic oversized white blazer.

Bradshaw clearly has a liking for floral accessories, as the character wore a similar lavender flower brooch in the original series alongside a white tank, pink trousers and Dior Saddle bag.


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4. The Fur Coat

While we have yet to see this Carrie classic on the set of And Just Like That, it is worth a mention simply for the sheer number of times Bradshaw has worn it already. This coat was a staple in the early seasons of SATC and reappeared in the first movie (when Bradshaw left the house on New Year's Eve in a snowstorm, no less). I'd almost put money on the fact this coat will be back again at some point. Watch this space. 


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