Yes, Even Carrie Bradshaw Owned a Naked Dress

I've seen every episode of Sex and the City at least once and admired (and questioned) plenty of Carrie Bradshaw's bold style choices. Still, I was in for a surprise a few weeks ago when I fell back under its spell (thank you, HBO Go) and started the series over from the very beginning.

I cringed over the early scenes when Carrie talks to the camera, and sat raptly as Carrie planned her first date with Mr. Big. And then something happened: Carrie slid into a slinky DKNY dress—a nude slip super-fans know as the naked dress. When I first watched the show, the term naked dress meant nothing special, but with its current popularity among the fashion set, suddenly it jumped out at me.

These days, the phrase naked dress has taken on a different meaning, referring to the sheer dresses we spotted on just about every red carpet in 2015. And while the concept of naked dresses predates the SATC era, I'm still giving Carrie some credit for popularizing a fashion phrase that's become a permanent part of our lexicon.

Read on to see Carrie's naked dress and shop a few looks inspired by her original naked look.


Glamour/New Line Cinema/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection