I Just Found an Almost-Exact Copy of Carrie Bradshaw's Naked Dress

I never forget a good dress—fictional or real life. One such frock that will forever be permanently imprinted on my brain is the naked dress Carrie Bradshaw wears for her first date with Big in Sex and the City (season one, episode six). For the uninitiated, Carrie wore the naked dress in a photo shoot to promote her column and then decided to wear it on the date. It was short, stopped above the knee and had straps, but you couldn’t tell, and it was a perfect match for her skin tone. Hence naked dress. 

Despite the fact that you would need real confidence to wear such a dress, I’ve found a similar version on the high street—from COS, no less. While the Scandi brand is known for doing pared-back dresses, sassy styles it isn’t. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover such a dress from the high-street store. The only real difference is that it’s longer than the original, which I think I actually prefer. Keep scrolling to shop the dress, and then shop an edit of the best COS dresses right now.


(Image credit: Courtesy of YouTube)


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Elinor Block