Would You Wear Birkenstocks to the Office?

In the last few years, we've seen editors and influencers alike zipping around Fashion Week in Birkenstocks. Namely, Eva Chen, aka super mum and director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, comes to mind (we present exhibit A and exhibit B). While chunky and comfy flats have been pegged as being one of the most comfortable (and supportive) shoe styles by doctors, when it comes to whether or not Birkenstocks are acceptable and stylish enough for the office, we consider the debate to be on.

We asked three top Australian influencers—Chloe Hill, Kelly Müller, and Talisa Sutton, all part of our Who What Wear Australia INF / Networkfor their take on if Birkenstocks can be worn to the office. And if so, how? Whatever side of the debate you sit on, check out how street style girls are wearing the shoes and you might just be persuaded either way.

Keep scrolling to find out whether the three influencers consider wearing Birkenstocks to work a "yes" or a "don't go there", and to shop the trend.

"If I did work in an office I would definitely wear Birkenstocks! I'd slip a pair on with a modern midi skirt, and a sweet sweater, topped off with a pair of bold earrings to add to the drama."


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"No"—Kelly Müller

"Birkenstocks for the office is a 'no' for me, as are Birkenstocks at any other time. I totally understand they are comfortable, but I fail to find anything stylish about them and am yet to see an outfit where I think they work. I'm all for a simple leather slide. St Agni and Tony Bianco both do sleek, minimal options that work both in and out of the office."


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"Yes"—Talisa Sutton of Badlands

"I'm all for Birkenstocks in the office. I actually wear them for work all the time—they're perfect for popping on and off when I'm art directing or styling on set."

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