The Butterfly Bob Is the Low-Maintenance Cut Everyone's Booking in for

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a low-maintenance hair trend. I simply don't have the time in the morning to spend hours styling my hair, which is why I'm a big fan of easy hairstyles, such as the butterfly haircut. However, I've recently discovered what can only be described as the butterfly haircut's fun, cool sister, otherwise known as the "butterfly bob".

We all know that bob haircuts are huge this year, but while some often adhere to a particular style, the butterfly bob is a great way to embrace your natural texture and settle on a style that works for you.

According to the expert hair stylists at London hair salon, Top One, this style is going to be 2024's must-have hair trend. In fact, the hashtag #butterflybob has over 399k views on TikTok and counting. If that's not enough to convince you, we also saw lots of models walking the catwalks at London Fashion Week embracing their natural hair textures and shorter, bob hairstyles. So, if you're keen to give this trending haircut a go, keep on scrolling for all the information you need...


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The butterfly bob haircut can work for all hair types and textures.

What Is A Butterfly Bob?

According to the expert hair stylists at London hair salon, Top One, "the butterfly bob is a more flexible, laid-back version of your standard bob. It plays with layers and lengths with a lot less structure, allowing the hair to frame the face more naturally.

"The term 'butterfly' bob comes from its face framing, feathered layers and curtain bangs, which can resemble butterfly wings that allow for some serious movement."

We spoke to Cim Mahoney, expert hairdresser and lead hair stylist for the TOVE show at LFW, all about this season's biggest hair trends, and he said: "People are choosing to embrace their natural hair more lately. This goes for hair colour and hair texture." We definitely saw this all over the runway, and we predict that these more laid-back hairstyles are only going to grow in popularity. 


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The butterfly bob haircut could be seen on the TOVE runway during London Fashion Week.

How To Make The Butterfly Bob Work For You:

"The style suits various hair textures and face shapes," explains the experts at Top One, "but the cut can be adapted to complement each person perfectly.

"If your face is on the round or square side, opt for a wavy, middle part that will bring attention to the centre of your face, creating the illusion of a longer shape. For an oval face shape, allow the layers to flow and sweep away from the face. Opt for chin or just below chin length, for an off centre diamond-like effect. Whilst this length can often appear too voluminous if not styled correctly, the addition of feathered layers that work with the hair's natural texture will achieve a look that is face-framing and flattering.

"If you have a heart-shaped face, chin length curls can help soften the face and add some movement, creating fullness around the jawline, bringing balance and symmetry to the look."

Butterfly Bob Inspiration:


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If you have slightly finer hair, a butterfly bob is a great way of adding volume and texture.


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A butterfly bob and a wispy fringe? Sign me up.


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For the ultimate on-trend haircut, go for a copper-toned butterfly bob.


(Image credit: @pia_mbd)

So, so chic.


(Image credit: @frannfyne)

Another great example of how a wispy fringe can take this haircut to the next level.


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Don't fancy a full fringe? Why not go for stylish side bangs instead?


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Ask for lengths that are easy to tuck behind the ear for even more low-effort styling options. 


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Zendaya is the Queen of the butterfly bob hair trend.


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Those of you with straight hair can totally rock this trend, too.


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As proven by Hailey.

Products You Need For A Butterfly Bob:

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