The British Girls With the Best Outfits, According to Our UK Editors

As you might have assumed, we U.S.-based Who What Wear editors are avid readers of our fellow Who What Wear editors' content in the UK. (You should be too. They're great!) And something that often surprises me when scrolling through their stories is that I'm not familiar with some of the celebrities and influencers that are regularly featured.

It's easy to assume that all of the people who are a big deal in the UK are also big in the U.S., but that's not always the case. Whenever I read an outfit or trend story on our UK site, I often come away with a few new stylish women to follow on Instagram. This all gave me the idea to go straight to the source and pick our UK editors' brains about who they think are the most stylish British girls on the scene.

Sure enough, I swiftly followed the five women they named, and I can see why they give them such high outfit praise. Their feeds feature an eclectic mix of style types, and each woman has a distinct aesthetic. As you'll see below, this further proves that British girls have highly enviable style.

Scroll on to find out which British girls have the best outfits, straight from our cool UK editors.


"Monikh and I always seem to be on the same wavelength—and she's pretty much the only person on Instagram I shop directly from. Hence I made her a weekly columnist on Who What Wear UK. She started her fashion life as a personal stylist, so she knows exactly how to select special pieces (at any price point) that don't just last for a season or two or feel faddish but can serve you well for a whole lifetime. I appreciate that her style is a teeny bit boho or '70s, like mine, yet still minimal and easy to understand." — Hannah Almassi, UK editorial director

Brittany Bathgate

"I'm not typically a minimal dresser, but Brittany Bathgate makes me want to buy everything in COS. I love how she wears the things she owns a lot, giving you endless ideas for how to restyle pieces, which is really refreshing when many other influencers only wear something once for a post, and then it is never seen again. She has worn her cream, pleated Arket midi skirt in dozens of ways this summer. I always aim to get maximum use out of every purchase—and so find this makes me want to shop more than seeing an item once." — Emma Spedding, UK deputy editor

Ada Oguntodu

"Aberdeen-based Ada is one of my favourite women to follow on Instagram. Not only are her outfits inventive—she's the queen of layering—but she's also always great at finding new ways to wear colour. Ultimately, she's all about making fashion fun, which, after all, is what it's all about." — Elinor Block, UK assistant editor

Harriet Stewart

"There aren't many people on Instagram who manage to chronicle their personal style in a way that feels effortless (yes, it's an overused word, but it seems fitting in this case), yet Harriet Stewart totally nails it every time. Her outfits don't have that 'Insta polish' typically seen in your average influencer feed but, in my eyes, are infinitely cooler because of it. She possesses that quintessentially British approach to fashion: mashing up eclectic trends with timeless staples and vintage finds. Creative, original, and just a little bit androgynous—everything I want my wardrobe to be." — Joy Montgomery, UK shopping editor

Lizzy Hadfield

"If there's an influencer I turn to time and again for style inspiration, it's Lizzy Hadfield of Shot From the Street. Looking at me, you'd probably wonder why, as most days I'm decked out in some kind of patterned dress and trainers, but it's her ability to make the simplest of outfits like jeans paired with a cashmere jumper and canvas trainers look so chic. I guess what I'm trying to do when I look through her feed is make such an outfit look as effortless as she does. I'll get there!" — Alyss Bowen, UK associate social media editor

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