Affordable Pieces That Are Defining Summer 2018 Style

If you’ve been on the fence about any of this season’s biggest trends, I have some good news for you. You don’t need to spend your whole paycheck to try them out. In fact, I’ve put on my fashion editor’s hat to scour Instagram for the biggest trends of the moment, and I’ve also hunted across the internet for the best affordable pieces to tap into each It piece.

What this means is you can try out some of the buzziest pieces of the summer without too much of an investment. I’m personally a fan of everything from white sunglasses and leopard-print swimsuits (which I tried for myself here) to the “nouveau milkmaid tops” that are sweeping my Instagram feed. Ahead shop the best affordable summer trends listed from most expensive to least expensive. And here’s the great news: Everything you can buy below is under $200.