This One Color Is the Coolest Thing to Wear on Your Nails Right Now

From bubblegum pink and sunshine orange to soft lavender and minty green, summer's trending nail colors come as no surprise. Whether it's Crayola-inspired brights or pretty pastels, the warmer months see us heading to nail salons in droves for an injection of color. But this year there's one, in particular, that has gone straight to the top of everyone's nail-color wish list: blue. Yes, another nail-trend curveball for 2021. We've already had glitter and cow print. What's next? Blue is having a major moment right now, and I predict it's going to be everywhere this summer. 

It's surprisingly versatile, and the great thing about the blue nail trend is that there's a shade to suit every taste. Whether it's a vibrant azure, a pared-down powder blue, or a sophisticated navy, there's a blue hue for everyone.

Ahead, you can find some of my favorite blue nail looks from my Saved folder and the best blue polishes to try the trend at home.

1. True Blue

Bold and bright blue nails



This punchy blue shade looks incredibly chic with this tidy, round-tip mani.

Go for a blue with a touch of turquoise to channel summer-holiday vibes.

Muted blue manicure



A pared-back blue with grey undertones provides an everyday feel.

Mis-matched blue manicure



Make like Zeena Shah and contrast two shades of blue if you just can't choose a favorite.

Cobalt blue nails are so on trend



This classic cobalt screams summer to me.

I'm completely obsessed with these sheer blue nail tips—so glam.

A twist on the always-classic black manicure, deep blue, like this glossy navy, is a timeless take on the trend.

2. Blue Nail Art

This cerulean shade really pops against the daisy-print accent nails. So cute.

Blue cloud nail art



I'm a sucker for anything cloud print, so this sky-blue nail art really speaks to me.

Aqua nail art



If you're opting for an intricate nail-art design like this turquoise-blue one, then keep your base neutral. I love that this mani is totally matte, too—another 2021 nail trend.

At first glance, this just looks like a beautifully glossy manicure, but look again to spot those itsy-bitsy blue dots—a delightfully minimal approach to nail art.

Daisy nail art on blue nails



This powder-blue color has to be one of my favorite shades, and the cheery daisy print just makes me even more enamored. 

This cyan-blue nail art combines two of my favorite trends—those aforementioned minimal dots with the colorful French mani. I love how playful this is.

3. Blue French Mani

This pastel-blue French manicure is so on-trend right now.

Mismatched blue French manicure



If you're not sure about all-over nail art, then keep the contrasting colors and prints to your tips alone for a fun way to play with the blue-nail trend.

Flip the French mani on its head, and keep the color on your nail beds instead. This peep of aqua blue looks so cool.

Blue nail trend



Keeping a bit of negative space on a bright-blue manicure keeps it feeling fresh.

Sapphire-blue nail tips and an über-glossy finish make this trendy manicure look so expensive.

Bright blue nail tips



The fashion set have been stepping out with this shade of blue on their nail tips. I can't wait to try it.

While I love the big, bold nail tips in color, there's something so pretty about these ultra-skinny navy nail tips.

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