The 5 Nail Colors I'll Be Wearing Exclusively This Summer

When summertime rolls around, a lot of us revamp our looks for the season. We'll refresh our wardrobes. We'll experiment with our makeup. Some of us might even make some swaps in our skincare routines. And you might even change up your manicure and pedicure routine.

For me, summer is a fun time to experiment with new colorful looks, whether we're talking about my clothes, shoes, accessories, and beauty looks. For example, when it comes to my nails, I tend to gravitate toward bright and cheerful hues that reflect the carefree and fun feelings of the season. I'm not afraid to go bold with neon nails, or even bright white shades. In the winter and fall, I might wear neutrals and dark colors, like nudes, grays, and deep dark blues, reds, and blacks. But in the summer, I like to keep the bright, beachy vibes going all the time.

5 Beach Nail Colors That You'll Want to Wear All Summer Long



So let me introduce to you the five nail colors I will be wearing exclusively this summer. To me, these hues are the best beach nail colors, like you'll want to show them off when you're enjoying a day by the ocean. And if you can't make it to the beach? Well, you can still wear these polishes to feel like you're seaside.

Take a look at my favorite summer colors below.

1. Orange

Orange is a color I don't normally wear outside of summer. Whether it's more of a coral or a neon, it's just the perfect summer hue for me. Plus, it looks so good when paired with sun-kissed skin.

2. Pink

While orange isn't an around-the-year color for me, pink definitely is. But I like to take this classic color to the next level in the summer months (I go for the bold and bright shades).

3. White

There's something just so chic about white nails during the summer, am I wrong? Not only does it look so flattering with bronzed skin, but it's also so crisp and goes with any outfit.

4. Yellow

Yellow is a color I used to be wary of wearing, but now I love it. The bright and cheery hue just makes a manicure and pedicure that much more fun. Plus, it's one of those colors that flies under the radar, so it's unique and unexpected.

5. Bright Blues

Whether it's turquoise, teal, aqua, or light blue, I love sporting a blue manicure in the summer. Like yellow, it's an unexpected hue, but it's so fun and flattering. It's the color of water, so it's on theme with beach and pool season.

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