The Classic Sneakers You're Not Wearing (But Should Be)

Blame it on the ever-growing trends of athleisure and streetwear, but we have an undeniable love of sneakers. From polarizing chunky sneakers to sleek slip-ons, we simply can’t get enough of this wearable shoe style. Right now, although choosing just one type was hard, we’re pairing all of our fall outfits with black sneakers.

Don’t get us wrong, as we love classic white sneakers, as they’ve become an everyday staple in our closets. But take their edgier, sleeker cousin, black sneakers, and you’ve instantly given your ensembles an added cool factor.

To illustrate our point, we’ve gathered some of the best looks featuring the sneaker trend from our favorite fashion girls. Wear black sneakers to finish off a monochromatic black outfit or style them as a contrast to an all-white ensemble. Or sport the look to dress down a chic dress for the day. Either way, it’s safe to say these will prove to you just how much of a regular staple these black sneakers can be in their own right.

See? These sneakers will become the next staple in your collection.