8 Trends That Are Going to Be Huge in 2018


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A new year means a new set of resolutions you may or may not keep (eating healthier, traveling more—you know the drill). But one promise you can commit to is making 2018 your best dressed year to date. With fashion month just weeks away, we're already looking ahead to the biggest trends on the horizon. From the next It bag to the coolest color to try head-to-toe, we're here to help break things down. Below, you'll find the eight trends we're adding to our wardrobes now before they blow up big time. Armed with a little inspiration (and plenty of options to shop), you'll be ready for January 1 and whatever the New Year brings along with it.

Read on for your guide to the only trends that matter in 2018.


1. Belt Bags
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Love them or hate them, belt bags are back in a major way for 2018. Luxe leather styles are worn belted at the waist or slung over one shoulder for an updated look.


2. Trench Coats
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If you have yet to embrace this classic winter staple, 2018 is the year to give it a try. The sleek coat lends a polished foil to cool athleisure pieces.


3. Power Suiting
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Yes, 2017 kicked off the power-suiting trend, but prepare for more more more in the coming year. 


4. Mixed Prints
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Expect to see plenty of bold dressing in the coming months, and don't be afraid to mix things up a bit. Assorted florals and graphic prints will be everywhere.


5. Fantastic Plastic
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In a move that's equal parts practical and fun, splashes of plastic appeared on plenty of runways for spring 2018. From colorful belts to sheer coats, there's no wrong way to wear it.


6. Wild Wild West
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Western-inspired details permeated runways in New York and Europe too. From refreshed cowboy boots to lots of denim, expect to see Western wear everywhere in the New Year. 


7. Low Riders
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For the past few seasons, super-high-rise pants have been huge, but don't count low riders out. Love them or hate them, low-slung pants are coming back in 2018.


8. Purple
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)

Every year, there are certain hues that seem to capture the imagination of designers and trendsetters alike (Millennial Pink, anyone?).

Aemilia Madden