These Pretty Shoes Have Been a Zara Best Seller for Months

Zara shopping bag



Shoes are without a doubt the Zara item I buy the most, so you can bet that I'm frequently stalking the new arrivals and best seller page in search of the latest and greatest Zara shoes, just as I've been doing all summer. But today I'm not here to talk about the latest and greatest. I'm here to talk about the shoes that have been on its best seller page every time I've checked it this summer. (Warning: Once you see them, you'll want to buy them.)

The shoes aren't especially trendy or statement-making, as many of Zara's shoes are, but they're quite perfect in other ways. With their "pinkish" hue, their flattering pointed toe, their cylinder block heel, and their under-$100 price point, it's no wonder that the mules are selling out after gracing the best seller list for months.

Shop the decidedly pretty heels, along with a few other best-selling pairs below (while you still can).

Take my advice and buy these beauties while they're still in stock.

Shop More Best-Selling Shoes

The minimalist way to do the PVC trend.

Gotta love a good sculptural heel.

Just try to name something these wouldn't go with.

So many people own these versatile slides.

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