The Best Shirt Zara Has Ever Made, According to Leandra Medine

Earlier this morning we came across Zara’s latest ‘Pictures By’ series, featuring Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. The hilarious trendsetter styled five spring looks for the leading fast-fashion brand and nearly every piece is low on stock. Medine commented on Instagram dubbing one item as ‘The best shirt Zara has made ever in the history of shirts or what?” Well, she’s pretty spot-on because said shirt (pictured below) sold out online real quick. Bummer we know, but there are two things you can do to possibly get your hands on one. 1) Hop on the phone and check your local Zara store or 2) Sign up for an email alert when the shirt is back in stock. 

Scroll down to check out Medine wearing “the best shirt from Zara” and to see and shop her five spring outfits!