Zara Swimsuits Are Here—I Want These 8



Faced with another month or two of rain and snow, it feels like my only option is distraction: cranking up the heater, turning on a reggae-tinged playlist, and manifesting the beach days that are slowly but surely creeping my way. But while swimsuit shopping is my cure for the gloomy woes of April, I'm oftentimes let down by the simple fact that my favorite swimsuits are always oddly expensive. If I'm saving up for a beach getaway, I don't want to blow the Airbnb budget on a single bikini. But, that's where Zara now comes to the rescue.

The fast-fashion behemoth has finally eschewed the coats and sweaters for—drumroll—swimsuits! I'm partial to a simple string bikini (minimal tan lines) along with retro-inspired one-pieces (great for taking a beach look from day to night), and Zara's new collection offers both and, well, a whole lot more. Below, I'm highlighting eight of my favorites, but it's worth noting the suits only run up to a size large (you can find our favorites in larger sizes here). Still, whether you're a Zara superfan or, like me, you're just looking for a budget-friendly yet stylish suit, I'd consider giving the eight styles below a look.