These 15 Work Bags Are as Professional as They Are Pretty

When it comes to work attire, we can all agree that functionality is key. From choosing an outfit that’s HR-friendly but still good for after-work drinks to finding shoes that won’t kill your feet while you’re running around the office, it’s all about finding balance in your 9-to-5 wardrobe. Most of the time, though, functionality and fashion don’t go hand in hand, and you may feel like some of your current options are lacking in some areas. This is especially true if you’re in the market to refresh your work wardrobe and looking for a new work bag. Is there no way you can avoid being a bag lady? Is there a bag out there for you and your workload? Well, yes. Yes, there is.

So to help you pinpoint what type of work bag works for you (pun intended), we’ve rounded up the best options. From laptop bags and tote bags to bucket bags and satchel bags, the options ahead are not only pretty and functional, but they’ll also make your work life easier. The bag-lady days are over.

1. Laptop Bags 

The great thing about a laptop bag is that it doesn’t need to only be used for storing your laptop. With special compartments for all things tech, you can guarantee nothing will get lost in them.

This bag will teach you (“maestra” means “teach” in Spanish) how simple life can be with a bag that actually fits your laptop.

This laptop bag brings a pop of color to your work outfit.

2. Tote Bags 

Once you have a tote bag, you don’t need any other bag in your life. They can fit your laptop, notebooks, and all of your snacks.

Orange you glad we added this tote to the list? 

A grocery tote you can wear the weekdays as well as on the weekend.

Everlane totes are a favorite for a reason. 

3. Satchel Bags 

A satchel is the perfect mix of a tote bag and a laptops bag. That being said, you can count on them on having the structure of a laptop bag but the functionality of a tote bag.

This isn’t a purse—it’s a satchel.

Cheetah print just makes everything look better. 

4. Bucket Bags 

If you need a bag that will look just as great at the office or during dinner, a bucket bag is what you’re looking for. With plenty of space for your work belongings, you get a stylish silhouette that works wonders with any outfit.

We’re always down for a great black bag. 

Match your white boots to this white woven bag. 

5. Backpacks

Backpacks great when you were in middle school and they’re just as good now. Simply opt for clean cuts and sleek silhouettes and you’re good to go. 

A sure update of your childhood backpack.

Masur Gavriel also does one mean backpack. 

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