The Best Wool Coats to Shop Before It Snows

How's your outerwear collection right now? Is it all stocked up with the best wool coats, faux-fur jackets, and affordable shackets? If you answered good and yes, respectively, you're way ahead of the game—round of applause to you! Seeing as it's still technically autumn (though in some parts of the country, it feels more like summer while in others it feels like winter), you still have some time to scoop up heavier, warmer outerwear pieces before the first official snowfall of the season.

Now, while it may seem like a daunting task to sift through the countless search results to find top-rated coats, it really is worth the time because you'll come out with a quality purchase. And because we already found the best of the first two coat styles mentioned above (faux fur and fleece), we thought this time, we'd focus on the best wool coats of the season.

Ahead, shop the top wool coat styles we immediately zeroed in on during our search, from a topcoat to a peacoat—and yes, there's a difference between the two.


An overcoat is a long coat that typically lands at or below one's knees. Shop our favorites below.

The perfect piece to pair with every fall outfit.

A bright orange coat may seem like an unexpected choice, but this one's impossible to pass up.

Wear this one with jeans and a white button-down or your favorite LBD.

Belted Coat

As the name suggests, a belted coat has a belted closure. Typically, this style of outerwear rarely has buttons. Shop our favorites below.

Always a fan of anything The Row designs.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is a loose-fitting, oftentimes belted double-breasted coat that's a favorite on rainy days. But the below wool versions of the style are perfect for the cold-weather season ahead. Read on to shop our favorites.

If you want to play it safe, stick with a neutral hue.


A peacoat is shorter in length and typically has a few defining features, including broad lapels, a double-breasted front, large buttons, and slash pockets on the side. Shop our favorite wool peacoats below.