Real Talk: These Boots Will Keep You Cute and Warm

Rarely do the worlds of functionality and trendy mesh, but in the case of snow boots, they meld effortlessly in stylish harmony. Once the "ugly" shoes you slip into out of pure necessity, the pairs of snow boots floating around this season are style statements in their own right. Last year, Prada's deliciously fluffy padded boots were such a constant presence on my feed, that it didn't take long for them to sell out almost everywhere. And the hype for elevated cold-weather footwear is still going strong, with virtually every brand now joining in.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best, most-talked-about snow boots on the market this season, from utilitarian lug soles to quilted wonders, and more. Simply put, they're equal parts warm and cute, so you shouldn't have to schlep around an extra pair of boots for those "just in case" instances. Scroll through each category and pick your favorite.




Squishy, soft things are always appealing to most, which seems to be currently reinforced by fashion's love affair with all things quilted. Boots specifically have been getting a lot of shine, hence the influx of quilted and padded snow boots on the market. They're a little less severe than a heavy-duty snow boot, which makes it a perfect candidate for navigating through snowy weather within an urban setting. Prada's IG famous pair are on my fantasy wishlist, but in the meantime, I'll be buying Mango and Zara's equally cool versions.




So you're out in the country or somewhere that's really cold? A shearling boot will always be the answer. Whether it's shearling-lined or a cozy exterior, it's the perfect (stylish) solution to keeping your feet optimally warm.

If schlepping through slushy puddles is your current scenario, rubberized boots are equipped to handle both the rain and snow. New Yorkers, in particular, may want to listen—these boots will keep your previous feet free from dirty sidewalk snow. Fortunately, rubber boots are also a trend right now, so they will have a life beyond the winter season. 

Arguably one of the most of the moment styles right now, lug-sole boots are much more than cool shoes to throw on for a utilitarian edge. As a New Yorker, it was one of my most worn boots to brave the icy sidewalks and rocky concrete. The rugged sole allows for more traction on slippery surfaces, so you can feel more at ease when hitting the subway stairs or pavement. When the snow is over, style them with everything from midi dresses to cargo pants and jeans.



For extra warmth and protection, try a longer shaft boot. Miu Miu's furry over-the-knee boots from its F/W 21 collection have inspired an influx of similar styles, and of course, moon boots are a perennial favorite. For a take that feels less like your typical snow boots, try Fendi and Balmain's sleek logo versions.