11 White T-Shirts NYC Girls Love

Simply put: When it comes to shopping, NYC girls know what’s up. Maybe I just like to say that because as of the last year, I am one, but I like to think the trope rings true regardless of my personal bias. After all, the city is known for its style, both in terms of fashion and function. And what better example of a marriage of the two than the classic yet effortlessly stylish white tee?

Aside from being my personal favorite basic, it seems that the staple has stolen an irreplaceable spot in everyone’s hearts and closets—New York City not excluded. So in an effort to help anyone out there in search of the perfect white T-shirt get a little bit closer to their goal or, of course, simply to give those who already own dozens another one to add to the pile (hello, me), we recently reached out to some of our favorite in-the-know New Yorkers to get the scoop on their go-tos. To read about what makes each pick so great, and of course, to shop them, simply continue on below.