11 "Boring" Fashion Items We Can't Live Without

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There are a few things that get all Who What Wear editors excited—among them, uncovering the latest, greatest brands and trends and obsessing over cool and new fashion items on a daily basis. But while we might be lusting over the season's latest It bag or shoes destined for an Instagram post, it doesn't mean those pieces always make their way into our everyday wardrobes.

When it comes down to it, our closets are built around "boring" staples like T-shirts and sneakers that act as the foundations for our wardrobes. This editor would be lost without her supply of mesh thongs that go underneath absolutely everything. Interested to find out all the "boring" closet staples we would be lost without? Keep reading for 11 of the most essential fashion items our editors swear by and count on every single day.

"It doesn't get more boring than beige underwear, but I honestly panic when I don't have any clean pairs left of Calvin Klein's Invisibles thong. They feel as if you aren't wearing anything, and, as the name promises, are completely invisible under clothing."

"I can't live without vintage/vintage-inspired jeans. I'm currently obsessed with this newly launched brand Feel. Also, I can't live without Hanky Panky thongs, I wear its OG style almost every day."

Available in sizes 24 to 32.

"I could never live without an endless supply of plain white T-shirts. I think I wear one almost every day!"

"I would wear white sneakers every day if I could. I'm all for comfort, and if it worked for me in high school, it's sure to still work now."

"Personally, these skirts excite me, but I get how they might not seem like the most thrilling item in one's closet. Vince's silk slip skirts are my life. I own multiple colors and wear them for every occasion. I love pairing them with a T-shirt and sneakers or with a crop top and heels for a more formal occasion."

Available in sizes XS to L.

"Plain crewneck T-shirts have become the backbone of my wardrobe. Though they're not the most thrilling of all the items in my closet, I'm constantly wearing one to balance out my more attention-grabbing pieces or just with my favorite pair of jeans and a fun pair of shoes."

Available in sizes XS to L.

"I took a long break from white sneakers recently, but this pair brought me back from my hiatus. They're ridiculously simple, so they go with everything and they break in very quickly. I guess all the cool European girls that have been wearing Veja sneakers for years were on to something."

"White T-shirts might be 'boring,' but if you find the right one, it can be completely game-changing. As far as I'm concerned, they have endless styling possibilities and will never, ever be out of style."

Available in sizes XS to L.

"I love these classic white Superga sneakers. Nothing frilly, nothing fancy—just the perfect comfortable white sneakers that I can wear with anything."

"I wear these thongs from On Gossamer daily because they're as comfortable as they are invisible."

Available in sizes S/M to L/XL.

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