The Simple Top French Women Wear With Jeans, Skirts and Trousers

If you're a frequent Who What Wear reader, you'll know that we have a particular infatuation with our French friends. From their bikini choices to shoes, we've analysed their certain aesthetic from head to toe in order to gleam how to replicate the innate style that seems to come oh so naturally to them. Through our in-depth research, certain staples have become synonymous with Gallic style. Classic Bretons, basket bags tucked into crooks of arms, on-the-go ballet flats and a penchant for denim are common features of our research. But one style that I'd like to take this opportunity to focus on today is the classic white blouse. 

We often talk of a classic white shirt being a staple for every wardrobe. And while that is very much true, a blouse offers a softer, more delicate interpretation. Often featuring intricate broderie, sweet tie-details, or statement sleeves, these pretty blouses add a point of difference to our plain shirt on days when you crave a little something more je ne sais quoi. What makes the white blouse even more enticing is its timeless appeal. For decades, French women have paired theirs with jeans, tailored trousers, skirts and shorts. Plus, they're a versatile addition, working hard in your officewear rotations, date-night formulas and free-time outfit builds, especially in the summertime when we've thrown off our coats and light, airy cotton are a must. So whether you're looking to invest in a high-end style, or hitting the high street, you'll get plenty of wear out of this simple yet effective style.

Keep scrolling for plenty of inspiration on how to style a white blouse and a selection of the best white blouses on the market.

See How French Women Are Styling White Blouses


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On warm summer days, add a simple miniskirt. 


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It's all about the collar. 


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Melodia shows just how chic a white blouse looks with a simple midi skirt. 


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It's not just French women who love a white blouse. Fashion people around the world can't resist their allure. 


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Clearly, a white blouse with a pleated miniskirt is trending. 


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A simple look that can work for day or night. 


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Yes, this exact top is listed below. 

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