6 Important Pieces a Fashion Designer Prioritizes to Look Chic

6 Important Pieces a Fashion Designer Prioritizes to Look Chic



Given my heightened interest in fashion (comes with the territory as a fashion editor), I’m invariably intrigued by the closet staples various people in my life swear by to inspire my own wardrobe and potentially yours as well throughout the content I create. On that note, while spending time at home recently, I caught up with Elisa Dahan, the co–chief creative office for Mackage (known for its A+ outerwear and accessories). Naturally, I had to ask her exactly what I just mentioned—the items she wears to look chic in her day-to-day (including for those more dressed-up WFH looks at the moment).

Given that she’s worked in the fashion industry for years, building Mackage from the ground up with founder Eran Elfassy and personally adores clothes and the latest trends, her fashion priority list was particularly intriguing.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to check out just a sampling of the spring and summer items Dahan swears by for her forward looks, complete with some previous street style imagery of fashion girls for inspiration. And if you’re currently shopping, you’ll also find product recommendations that may be of interest.

1. Hoodies

“I love that a hoodie can be styled with basically anything and can frankly be dressed up or down. Our Krys hoodie is incredibly versatile.”

2. Modern Blazer

“A good classic blazer can be worn on top of anything—jeans, a minidress, and so on. It just adds sophistication to any look without effort.”

3. Longline Outerwear

“I feel great when I have a great piece of outwear on—it completes and elevates any look. Our Esme jacket lifts up any outfit.”

4. Statement Shoes

“A statement shoe elevates a look. You can wear a T-shirt and jeans, and a statement shoe will change the perception of your outfit.”

5. Pouch Bags

“I love pouches like the Bottega Veneta pouch. It’s my go-to bag with every look. Just works.”

6. Sneakers

“Sneakers, like those from Golden Goose, give a break to my feet but not my look. Casual and cool.”

Next, check out the new generation of fashion-girl basics.

Ed. Note: All of the street style images above were taken at previous fashion weeks.