Introducing the New Generation of Fashion-Girl Basics

When you think of basics, a few key items probably come to mind like white T-shirts, skinny jeans, and the like. Well, "trendy basics" have also been cropping up as updates and alternatives to those classics. Here, we're talking about those items that are still versatile in nature but have a slight fashion-forward twist. In fact, we covered a sampling of said pieces recently, and as we've been spotting on IG over the last few months, there's actually a new generation of those fashion-girl basics that are chic, comfortable, and worth noting.

To showcase these next-level basics, we rounded up a bit of visual styling inspiration and product recommendations in case you're shopping around. Keep scrolling for an introduction to these chic yet simple items.

1. Asymmetric Tanks


(Image credit: @honeybelleworld)

There's been quite a resurgence of one-shoulder tops as of late. In the basics realm, it's the neutral tanks that are reigning supreme.

2. Short-Sleeve Cardigans


(Image credit: @ch.phr8ph)

It's no secret that cardigans of all silhouettes have been trending. At the moment, those short-sleeve styles are the front-runner among the fashion crowd.

3. Split-Hem Leggings


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Of course standard classic black leggings will always remain a timeless basic, but it's the split-hem styles that continue to increase in popularity.

4. Muscle Tees


(Image credit: @greceghanem)

It seems like you can't cruise over to a fashion person's IG page and not see a muscle T-shirt or tank. The silhouette is cool and a nice update to classic tees (which, of course will never go "out").

5. White Jeans


(Image credit: @fakerstrom)

In no way should you put aside your blue or black jeans, but cream and white denim are definitely incorporated into the chic looks of many fashion people.

6. Slouchy Blazers


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

As we've highlighted, oversized blazers could be considered a top fashion-girl basic. In fact, many are starting to wear as alternatives to blouses (like showcased here).

7. Denim Midi Skirts


(Image credit: @ada_oguntodu)

If it's a cool skirt style you're in the market for to wear now or to try later, make it a chic denim skirt in a midi length.

Next, check out the closet basics that will never go out of style.

Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

Bobby Schuessler is a fashion editor with over a decade of editorial experience covering shopping, style, and beauty. He's spent over seven years at Who What Wear, currently leading the market team to deliver highly covetable and convertible content. He creates data-driven shopping guides featuring top retialers like Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter and is at the forefront of Who What Wear's shopping tentpole strategies, including Amazon Prime Day. He also works on branded content initiatives and appears on camera in video and shopping livestream franchises. He has also worked across a variety of other media brands and fashion retailers like Refinery29, PureWow, Men's Health, and Gilt covering commerce, trend reporting, women's and men's fashion, home, and lifestyle.