I Buy Something New Every Week—These Are My Best Purchases Ever

I’m constantly trying to curate my wardrobe so I have all of the pieces I need. I don’t like a closet stuffed with unworn items, and actually prefer to have a streamlined collection of clothes, but I do find myself ordering pieces online more and more. No doubt because I’m a digital fashion editor, and always have my eye on the market of what's new. Going through some of my recent orders, I noted that I actually make a new purchase at least once a week. Excessive, perhaps, but very often the items end up getting returned if they aren’t the perfect thing to add into my wardrobe.

Through the years, I’ve bought and returned many pieces. But the ones that have stuck around, and have been most-worn, are worth noting. After all, I really value quality over quantity when it comes down to my fashion choices. Ahead, I’m breaking down all of my best purchases over the years that I wear over and over again.