These 20 Topshop Items Will Take Over 2019

Just because it's 2019 doesn't mean you won't be getting your routine content from all of us at Who What Wear. In case you aren't familiar, each week we highlight our favorite affordable retailer of the moment and shop out the best products from the winner that week. First up this year is Topshop, showing us that 2019 just might be its best year yet.

As we scrolled through the new arrivals pages of the fashion girl–favorite affordable retailer, we couldn't help but get all giddy envisioning you shopping the product for yourself. Between fresh cow patterns to landscape-print turtlenecks and some of the coolest cowboy boots we've seen in a while, get ready to shop the Topshop items that are already taking 2019 by storm.

Swap your leopard print for cow print this season and wait for the compliments to roll in.

A sneaker and a hiking boot walk into a bar…

The fit of these pants is sheer perfection. 

No one will believe you got these boots at Topshop. 

The accessory everyone will wear this year—especially on Instagram. 

Take a closer look. The zebra print is patent! 

Another version of this two-tone denim trend to get you excited for what's to come.

The perfect outerwear piece to wear to your outdoor endeavors.  

A black-tie dress at a day-dress price. 

Quite possibly the chicest cargo pants we've ever seen.

Wear those pants with this top and call it a day.

If your school uniform school were actually cute. 

Layer a turtleneck under this for a seasonal look to remember. 

The fresh way to wear a sweatshirt and jeans.