These New It Bags Will Be in Style Until at Least 2025

When it comes to handbag shopping, we tend to either go for an investment style (you know, those silhouettes that withstand the test of time) or a more trend-driven piece that feels of the moment. But it’s those special silhouettes that have both modern and classic qualities that feel like fashion gold. Well, if you’re in the market for something new to kick off 2019, this is your moment because there’s a handful of gorgeous new It bags that feel fresh for the New Year but will also hold their style value for seasons, thanks to their timeless designs.

To help you sort through it, we rounded up the only styles worth considering below. Need to replace your 9-to-5 carryall? Covered. Looking for an updated going-out satchel? We’ve got you. Yep, all the bags you need are right here, courtesy of some of our favorite fashion girls. And remember, we think these finds will be in style until at least 2025—so go wild.