Most Natural Polish Brands Fall Short of My High Standards—Except This One

Best tenoverten nail polishes



In a perfect world, the cleanest and most natural beauty products would also be the most effective. What a dream, eh!? Over the years more and more brands have launched better and better natural, nontoxic beauty alternatives that are not only healthier for us (and often the planet) but work just as well or even better than their non-natural counterparts. However, one beauty category that's consistently let me down is the nail polish space. In fact, the large majority of ultra-clean lines I've tried have been mystifyingly bad—chips mere hours post-paint, dull and cloudy finishes, watery, streak-inducing consistencies… aka everything I don't want in a nail polish. Consider Tenoverten the one (among very few) exception. 

Best tenoverten nail polishes



If I had tested Tenoverten's vegan, cruelty-free, and nontoxic polishes blind, I would never have guessed they were made from a nontoxic formula—they just look and apply that well. Every one of the brand's 40 polishes is eight-free, meaning they do not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, or triphenyl phosphate, ethyl tosylamide, or xylene. They also paint on smoothly and leave nary a streak. Plus, the colors are entirely next-level; tread carefully, you'll want to collect every last one. To celebrate our love for the brand we reached out to Tenoverten HQ to see which of said 40 shades fly off the shelves at record-level speed as all-time best-sellers. Curious? Keep scrolling—the top ten best Tenoverten nail polishes are just below. 

Best tenoverten nail polishes



The 10 Best-Selling Tenoverten Nail Polishes, Ranked

#10: Washington

Washington is the ultimate color for the nail polish minimalist. The brand describes it as "sheer illumination, like tulle in a bottle." Essentially, it's an elevated hint of white that's kind of like a halo for your nails. A classic you'll wear again and again.

#9: Lenox

Beige nail polish lovers, Lenox is for you! The brand refers to the shade as "perfectly putty," and is a nice, earthy alternative to your polish wardrobe's current stash of neutrals.

#8: Prince

Could a nail polish name be any more apt? Purple is the trend to wear on your tips right now and this regal shad is the ultimate hit of soothing lavender. 

#7: Carmine

Inspired by the shmmering glamour of Old Hollywood, this is the rich juicy shade of burgundy you'd see on any given starlet circa

#6: Liberty

Traditional mint feels passé. Tenoverten's dustier shade called Liberty (any guesses as to that inspiration?!) is far more vibey and a sure hit for compliments. 

#5: Shimmer

This opalescent veil of shimmer is so subtly eye-catching you can pass on the jewelry. Tenoverten outs it best: "Peak pearliness meets liquid opals." Sign us the eff up.

#4: LA

Meet LA—aka the most perfect, classically classic shade of red you'll ever lay your nails on. It's our all-time favorite iteration of crimson, and the juicy orange undercurrent makes it feel fresh and less predictable.

#3: Canal

Canal isn't your regular tan, it's a cool tan. Actually, it's more of a creamy, toasted shade of tan (the brand also describes it as having a "milky" and "nutty" finish), but you catch our meaning. It's like a finger-licking bite of Nutter Butter cookies for your nails.

#2: Eldridge

Two words: "Watermelon Sugar." Best-sellng nail polish shade Eldridge is fab any time of the year, but it's what drippy summer days in the sun were made of. Salt-crusted skin and hair, optional.

#1: Anne

Cue the drumroll! Elegant hues of baby pink always seem to reign supreme in terms of sellout, and Anne is Tenoverten's best-selling menu option. It's coined as a universally-flattering shade of pink that's elegant and as said by the brand: "buff-your-nails-but-better." You just can't go wrong with this one and is an essential within the Tenoverten fam.

8 More Tenoverten At-Home Nail Essentials You'll Love:

Best tenoverten nail polishes



Like a green juice from Erewhon but for your cuticles! This oil helps strengthen your nails for less breakage in the long term and also keeps your cuticles neat and hydrated. 

Spoiler alert: you should be treating your hand and nails with as much TLC as you are your complexion. Apply two to three drops of this nontoxic, age-defying serum onto the back of each handy daily, and reap the rewards. It absorbs quickly and leaves a silky-smooth result that actually lasts. 

We go wild for rose anything, but this super-hydrating cuticle oil is so effective and special, it takes us over the edge. If you love anything that feels extra-luxe, you'll love. 

Speaking of which, you'll never dread removing nail polish again with this completely unique (nontoxic!) nail polish remover in hand. It's the acetone-free antithesis to any other harsh formula you've tried, and is enriched with rosehip, nail-fortifying horsetail leaf extract, and a hydrating hit of aloe and vitamin E for good measure. 

On the go? Try the formula in mess-free wipe form! (Sheer brilliance, we tell you!)

This basecoat truly does it all—think of it like a priming vitamin for your tips-pre-polish. It strengthens your nails with horsetail leaf extract and vitamin E, ensures your polish adheres for long-lasting wear, and also repairs soft or peeling nails, while filling ridges and preventing cracks.

The Shield is the Thelma to The Rehab's Louise. The best fast-drying, insanely glossy, V protective top coat we've tried, and it also happens to be natural like the entirety of Tenoverten's stunning range. 

Last but not least, meet The Accelerator. Translation: A rapid-dry miracle that imparts an unbelievably glossy, eco-friendly finale to your at-home manicure.