I'm a 25-Year-Old Cancer Survivor: Here's the Toxic Makeup I'll Never Use Again


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When I began the switch to a nontoxic lifestyle in regard to my household products, skincare, and food, I knew that switching my makeup over would be a must. As I’ve been making my other transitions, I learned what ingredients to look out for in the products I use, like how I should absolutely avoid parabens, sulfates, leads, and synthetic fragrances (which are hormone disruptors and possible carcinogens). It’s important to know the specific ingredients because some brands perceive themselves as nontoxic or clean but actually aren’t.

Makeup I Don't Use Anymore

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For instance, I thought that Burt’s Bees was a totally nontoxic company, but its lipstick has tested positive for traces of lead and its soaps and lotions contain synthetic fragrances, which cause disruptions within our hormones. This just goes to show how overwhelming this process can be, and I hope to make it a little easier by sharing my everyday nontoxic makeup routine with you! Scroll through for a few of the makeup products I used to use, which contain some of those risky ingredients I mentioned. Then find my nontoxic swaps.

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Nontoxic Products I Use Now

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