5 Sweatshirt Brands All the Cool Kids Are Wearing

And just like that, it feels like we've officially entered the time of year I like to call hibernation season. My weekends will be spent staying in and having wine nights with close friends. If you're anything like me, you might miss putting together outfits that don't require lounge pants and baggy T-shirts, but I'll bet you still find excitement in putting on something that's both cozy and stylish. Well, folks, I'm here to tell you that there are five sweatshirt brands that are known for delivering exactly that. 

I will admit that I purchased a plain gray Hanes sweatshirt just last week simply because it was cheap and practical, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a sweatshirt that has a little more pizzazz to it every now and again. To me, there's a major difference between a sweatshirt you put on because you're cold and prepping to stream a new show and one that you put on to look like a legit cool kid. If you're looking for the latter, then I suggest you keep scrolling because the brands listed ahead are the cream of the crop when it comes to cool sweatshirts. 

1. Who What Wear Collection


(Image credit: @courtneecrews)

I can't help but start out with our very own Who What Wear Collection because I tried on this sweatshirt and feel like I haven't taken it off since. It's so good we've introduced new colorways since the initial launch, and it's become a crowd favorite. I need to get my hands on this striking blue colorway.

Shop the brand:

And because I'm a sucker for a set, here are some sweatpants to match:

2. Madhappy


(Image credit: @madhappy)

Madhappy is one of my favorite sweatshirt brands for many reasons. The logos are always a treat, the various optimistic slogans always feel fresh, and the design is unmatched. Fun fact: TikTokers love this brand. 

Shop the brand:

3. Aries


(Image credit: @himichelleli)

Aries is the brand fashion people love to wear. Between the tie-dye No Problemo sweatshirt we've seen a lot of lately and the graphic tees, I can assure you that splurging on one of these sweatshirts will never be something you regret. 

4. Daily Paper


(Image credit: @dailypaper)

Daily Paper is the definition of cool-kid attire. While the sweatshirts are undoubtedly fire, everything else the brand sells is equally as noteworthy, from the T-shirts to the zebra pants I've been eyeing. 

Shop the brand:

5. Cotton Citizen


(Image credit: @naomielizee)

Cotton Citizen is on a level all its own, known as an athleisure brand since day one. You can count on every style to be unnaturally comfortable and super stylish. Pro tip: just go ahead and get the pants, too. 

A few more styles I can't take my mind off of: 

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