The Summer Trend You Should Invest in According to Your Age

Dressing according to your age can be one of life's fashion minefields, especially when it comes to seasonal trends. While a certain faux pas might seem obvious to some, it can be difficult to navigate retailers that now market their products to a wide range of ages.

In bid to help the overwhelmed, we've honed in on four age groups and the particular pieces we think each group should invest in for summer. Because it just takes that one piece to fill you with joy and to give your whole wardrobe a lift. And if you've been eyeing off all the new colourful options out there, don't be disheartened by our choices in monochrome—classic shades are always a good investment. 

The best part about these summer updates? When we think about investing in the trends, we're actually conscious of the fact that these pieces will likely take us through spring and autumn, too.

Keep scrolling to find your age group and see which summer trends we think are worth your hard-earned cash.

20s: A Summer Dress

Make the most of this easy, fun piece and wear over T-shirts.

30s: A Bright Accessory

Elevate your entire outfit by adding colour in the form of a great accessory—the bolder the better.

40s: A Pair of Quality Sandals

A minimal, strappy style in (always safe) black will go a long way. Trust us.

50s: A Quality White Top

The only piece you'll be wearing at both the beach on Sunday and to work on Monday. 

Opening image: AdenorahCollage Vintage

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