I Gave Myself a Budget for Summer Shopping—These 25 On-Sale Items Made the Cut

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 finds on their current wish list.

Why is it that even though I don't have anywhere to go this summer, I still want to freshen up my wardrobe? It feels superfluous, especially when we're living through a pretty unstable economic climate. So instead of indulging every whim and using retail therapy as a way to quell my anxiety from being inside for so many months, I'm giving myself a summer spending budget. Anything I buy must be on sale and come in under $100. Bonus points if it's 50% off or more. Yes, you read that right. I've found some amazing deals, and I'm willing to share them with you because I'm in a generous spirit. Keep reading for some bright, cheerful, super-on-sale items that will add a little sunny spark to the rest of your summer. (It really only just started, you know…)

Everyone already knows I have a thing for puff sleeves, and gingham print just makes them all the better.

So I specifically have a thing for button-downs with puff sleeves. Got it.

Every summer wardrobe needs a pair of white sneakers. You can never go wrong with Supergas, especially when it comes to its on-trend iterations like this mock-croc textile.

If you didn't already think this necklace was cute enough as it is, what if I told you it's from a sustainably sourced jewelry brand based out of Nairobi?

Gone are the days when I thought of purses as sturdy, long-lasting leather investments. I want fun, bright, and cheerful, like this beaded bag.

In case you need a more practical bag. But I think our summer wardrobes have room in them for both.

Smocked bodices are another summer trend that should not be skipped.

I love a breathable hat in the summertime. 

Ribbed tanks are everywhere this season, and I love the braided neckline on this one.

These are the pants I'm going to put on after a long day in the sun when my skin needs relief in something warm and soft. I love the idea of wearing these to an outdoor bar, straight from the beach, or even on the beach at a bonfire.

Just a cute pair of heeled sandals.

Wait until you see the back of this top.

Maybe I'm just scarred from the uniform I had to wear to my summer job as a pool girl, but I cannot get behind the current Bermuda-shorts trend. I'll be wearing these flowy shorts instead.

My favorite jewelry has unexpected elements like unique stones and woven bands. These aren't your typical hoops.

There are so many affordable cute tops to get me through the rest of the summer. This is definitely one of them.

I don't know what's better: the pistachio hue of this satin skirt or the fact that it's 60% off.

I don't really have anywhere to wear these cute mules, but that won't stop me from buying them.

How is this structured bucket bag only $50?

Please tell me you also have multiple pairs of denim shorts yet still buy more.

As much as I love denim shorts, I'll be the first to admit the superior comfort of a linen pair.

I love a classic plain white tee, but this elevated iteration is super cute, too.

Everyone needs an easy pair of slides for dashing out of the house, keeping an outfit casual, and, well, just because.