3 Outfits I'm Stealing From My Chic Co-Worker

During a recent visit to NYC, I was chatting with my friend, co-worker, and fellow fashion editor Lauren Eggertsen about how thrilled I am that it's finally spring. After politely listening to me go on and on, she turns to roll her eyes at me—not exactly an unfair response, given that I currently live in almost-always-sunny L.A. "You don't even understand," she said. "I can finally walk around in a T-shirt and jeans without crying." Touché.

I got to thinking about what other essentials she's excited about for the season, as she's the person whose outfits I shamelessly copy the most, and she tells me she's been eyeing basically everything from Cuyana. I immediately become as big a fan of the brand's gorgeous and timeless leather handbags as I do its "fewer, better things" motto, but Lauren tells me I really need to check out the classic layering pieces too.

I'm no fool, so I do what she says and hit up the designer's SoHo store—which I discover does live monogramming, by the way—and then immediately plan to re-create Lauren's three super-chic spring outfits.

lauren eggertsen fashion editor

I'm always a fan of any look that involves denim, but I'm more focused on Lauren's styling pieces in this outfit. "This jacket has saved my life so many times, as I frequently find myself dumbfounded by the fickle NY weather," she tells me. "It's lightweight, has a hood, and repels water." The great orangey-red round handbag deserves a mention as well.

best anorak
floss heels

Interested in freshening up my work wardrobe, I got excited when I saw that Lauren had worked Cuyana into this office-appropriate warmer-weather outfit. Both her slip skirt and satchel look so chic—and honestly way more expensive than they are. I also love that Lauren tied a silk scarf onto her bag to give it a little personal touch. "Sometimes I wear it in my hair when I'm feeling festive, but for the most part, I love how it softens up this professional look when tied around the bag handle," she shares.

best work bag
black turtlenecks

"Classic staples are the backbone of nearly all of my outfits," Lauren says, and I know she's not lying because she frequently yells at me for not owning enough T-shirts and turtlenecks. This comfy black one is particularly key while transitioning into spring, offering up a sort of justification for miniskirts sans tights. She also says—and I quote—"It's the softest piece in my closet right now," so that's reason enough to pick one up in every color.

best black crossbody bag


A really awesome everyday bag must be: The kind you can wear with anything, day or night, without giving it a second thought.

The spring trend I'm overly geeking out about is: Tie-dye.

The one It accessory everyone should own right now is: Floss heels. They're the new naked shoes, in my opinion.

Since moving to NYC, the piece that's been a lifesaver is: An anorak. It keeps me looking cute while braving the ever-changing weather.