5 Gorgeous Spring Hair Colors to Complement Light Eyes

I don't know about you, but I've spent a good amount of time at different points in my life thinking about the way hair color affects your eye color. Having light eyes myself (and growing up loving to change up my hairstyle and color), I noticed with every change I made to my hair color, my eyes seemed to change a bit with it. Sometimes my blue eyes looked even brighter, and sometimes they were a bit overshadowed by my hair. Since my goal has always been to enhance my natural features, after much trial and error, I figured out which colors dull light eyes and which make them really pop. If your eyes are on the lighter side, you're in luck this spring, as there are so many gorgeous popular hair colors that just so happen to perfectly complement light eyes. Below, I've outlined five of the best spring hair colors that make light eyes really stand out. 


Bright blonde is one of my favorite hair colors for light eyes, as I feel they really stand out against the bold color. 


Recently we've seen a movement among celebs away from their traditional blonde strands in favor of a dustier, sandier blonde color—and we're here for it. It requires less maintenance than a bright-blonde hue, and the lighter highlights next to darker strands give light eyes an extra boost.


Caramel strands are the perfect complement for light eyes, as the warm hue makes the eye color feel balanced. Celebs like Gigi Hadid and Romee Strijd have even recently traded their signature bleached manes for this stunning warm brown color. 


Talk about the perfect contrast—deep brunette next to light eyes makes the eye color seriously pop. Add in a little bold eye makeup and nobody will be able to look away from your eye area (and for good reason!).


Rich, black hair and light eyes make for one of those stark contrasts that just work. Whether your eyes are green, blue, or hazel, pairing them with jet-black strands will make their color appear even deeper. 

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