The Zara Dresses I'm Losing It Over

There’s a huge section of my closet that is dedicated to dresses. I would estimate that they take up about a third of the space in there—and that’s because I just really love wearing them. In the winter, I tend to get in the habit of sticking to outfits with jeans and high-waisted trousers, but when spring rolls around, that all changes, and dresses return to my wardrobe in a major way. In the mindset to wear them on repeat right now, I’ve been looking to add a few new ones to my closet and have noticed just how good all the dresses at Zara are right now.

Right now, there are 880 dresses on Zara’s site, and I scrolled through every single style to handpick the very best ones. They hit on all of spring’s major trends, such as bold colors and statement buttons, as well as more classic pieces like floral prints and midi styles that are wearable season after season. But if I were to make a prediction, I’d say it’s the white puff-sleeve mini and romantic pink floral dress (perfect for a summer wedding) that will sell out right away. Here, shop the best spring dresses on Zara.