30 Small Engagement Rings for the Minimalist Bride

Who remembers Paris Hilton's insanely massive diamond engagement ring? We certainly do. As one of the biggest rings Hollywood has ever seen, Hilton's is a memorable one, as are large-and-in-charge sparklers in general. Of course these "big" engagement rings are covetable, but understated small engagement rings are equally as statement-making (though not in the typical sense of the word)—we're talking rings designed with tiny diamonds and delicate bands that are perfect for the minimalists among us.

Small engagement rings have quickly become a popular choice among brides-to-be, especially with the steady rise of the minimalist jewelry trend. And as such, we thought we'd curate an edit of the most eye-catching (though not overly attention-grabbing) styles we're certain everyone will love, especially those who appreciate the simplicity and understated nature of minimalist fashion. Ready to see what we found? Read on to shop 30 simply stunning small engagement rings we're coveting right now.

We love that this ring is adorned with a stunning amethyst.

Pearls and diamonds are a match made in heaven.

Opt for a unique diamond shape, like this triangular-cut style.

Another diamond and pearl engagement ring we're loving right now.

The inspiration behind this ring is super cool. (Make sure to read the product description on this one.)

Go geometric with this pared-down engagement ring.

You can't go wrong with this diamond ring.

Another understated pick we're obsessed with.

This ring is inspired by the night sky—how cool is that?

We love the addition of a single pink and blue sapphire on each side of the ring.

A classic princess diamond ring is always a great choice.

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