The Best Skirts for Every Height, Decoded

Best skirts for every height


Style Stalker

You may have already noticed, but at Who What Wear, fashion is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. We fully believe that that means wearing whatever makes you feel like, well, you. That said, it goes without saying that one of the biggest parts of your confidence can be boiled down to wearing ensembles that look as great as you feel inside. And when you’re trying to decide what to add to your wardrobe, it doesn’t hurt to know what works best with your body.

Now that spring has arrived, odds are you’ve decided to set all your two-legged bottoms to the side for breezier options like skirts. And f you’re on the hunt for a new style—especially of the mini, midi, and maxi variety—we’re here to help. To give you a full breakdown of the best skirts for every height, we tapped celebrity stylist Alyssa Sutter for her expertise.

Below, Sutter shares the types of silhouettes to look for based on your height. Scroll down to see what she suggests for you, and then shop our favorite picks based on her advice.

Petite: Miniskirts

“High-waisted miniskirts are a perfect style for a petite frame, shifting focus upwards and emphasizing the waist.”

Petite: Midi Skirts

“Midi skirts with a slit or print with vertical lines will allow for the natural shape of your body to really be shown off.”

Average: Miniskirts

“People of average high can wear straight or a-line skirts with an advantage to not look too short or tall.”

Average: Midi Skirts

“Midi skirts that hit right below the knee are the most ideal length. It’s sort of that perfect sweet spot that allows your body to stay looking streamlined if that’s what you’re going for.”

Average: Maxi Skirts

“A maxi skirt in a fabric that hugs and moves with the body keep your frame from being overwhelmed by extra fabric.”

Tall: Miniskirts

When it comes to miniskirts for tall girls, Sutter says anything goes. However, she shares one styling tip, “If you are tall, the best way to wear a miniskirt is with flat shoes or a kitten heel for a night out.”

Tall: Midi

“A midi skirt can be challenging for those with shorter legs due to the length or silhouette cutting you off. Luckily, taller frames have little to no issues, allowing them to wear midi skirts in A-line shapes and ruching which can tend to widen the body.”

Tall: Maxi

“Most skirts work well on taller people but sometimes they just aren’t long enough. I  suggest going for a maxi with some volume to offset the shorter length. A skirt that hits at your ankles with a heel is so chic.”