3 Chic Work-From-Home Outfits That Balance Comfort and Confidence


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As a full-time freelance writer, I can attest to the fact that working from home presents unique sartorial challenges. Outfits must balance comfort and purpose in equal parts, ensuring that—although you’re working from your couch—you still feel motivated and ready to tackle your day.

After all, studies show that what you wear can influence your mindset and overall performance. Dressing the part, whether you commute to a desk job every day or simply walk to your home office, can actually improve mood, focus, and productivity. On the opposite end of the spectrum, working in your pajamas day in and day out can do a disservice to both your mental and professional health.

Living the work-from-home life yourself? Shop the work-from-home clothes that effortlessly balance comfort and confidence below.

When your day is packed with meetings…

This particular situation calls for a versatile outfit that can easily transition from your home office to an actual office, coffee shop, or co-working space. In other words, it must appear professional but still possess an element of comfort. 

The formula: A loose top, comfortable stretch jeans, low boots, and structured outerwear

When you don't plan on leaving the house…

Now's the time to prioritize comfort over professionalism. Despite the fact that you might not interact with another person for eight hours, it's vitally important to stick to your morning routine and put together some semblance of an outfit—even if it consists of head-to-toe knits. 

The formula: Cozy sets, comfortable maxi dresses, or stretch jeans and a sweater paired with comfortable footwear.

When your workload feels insurmountable…

An insane amount of work paired with a couch for an office calls for a WFH power outfit. While you want to feel comfortable, it's important to dress in a way that makes you feel energized, competent, and motivated to check off your to-do list. 

The formula: Loose trousers, a structured top, comfortable mules, your favorite accessories, and a statement lip

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