3 Shoe Styles That Go With Leather Pants (and One That Doesn't)


Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

There's no doubt that leather pants may not be new on the fashion scene, but they reached an all-time high of wear this past year. I'm not surprised, because they make any outfit look expensive and are the perfect alternative to jeans when the temperature drops. But while pairing shoes with jeans is relatively easy, it can be tricky to figure out what to put on when wearing the edgy trend, and that's where I come into play. I've been wearing leather pants all season, so I did the work and tested the waters to see which shoes pair the best. 

Below, I've listed 3 shoes that style best with leather pants, along with outfit inspiration straight from our favorite street-style stars, and one that doesn't. However, feel free to disagree with me and wear whatever you want, this is purely based on my experience. 

Do: Ankle Boot

Ankle boots are the fool-proof shoe to wear with leather pants, whether you opt for a classic black bootie or a printed one.

Do: Loafers

Loafers have become my favorite shoe to trend this year, especially with the embellished ones that were seen on the runways. They add a more upscale look to leather pants, which I am 100% for. 

Do: Sneakers


Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Sneakers go with almost everything, and paired with leather pants you're pretty much set for a cool-girl outfit. 

Don't: Knee High Boots

While layering knee-high boots over denim pairs well, over leather pants can make for an uncomfortable situation. Since leather is already structured and heavier fabric, pulling knee-high boots over them probably won't make the best mix. Plus, if you do a leather ankle boot and pant combo, you'll essentially get the same vibe. 

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