And the #1 Denim Trend People Are Buying Off of Instagram Is…

We’re not novices when it comes to shopping off of Instagram. In fact, you’ll find that pretty much all Who What Wear editors have a folder of liked and saved images in their personal accounts from where they’re scoping out their favorite new brands. But we gathered a bit of intel with the help of to not only identify what jeans have been selling best on Instagram this summer, but which denim trends are clearly still a crowd favorite.

Specifically, we asked—an app that allows a user to easily click over from their favorite influencers to the exact products on their feeds—to track down which jeans are selling best. As a liaison between the two, it reported back that the data shows five trends come out on top: cutoff shorts, embellished jeans, high-waisted jeans, distressed jeans, and cropped jeans.

However, in taking a look at a few of the “top sellers in each category,” pointed out, we noticed another trend of denim that’s very obviously still reigning supreme. Enter: skinny jeans.

Scroll on below to see (and shop) the top eight denim pieces everyone’s buying on Instagram, as well as the influencers who are helping to make it happen.

Cutoff Shorts

Cropped Ankle Jeans

Embellished Denim

Distressed Denim

High-Waisted Denim

Available in sizes 23 to 37, petite to tall.

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Opening Image: @cinnamonryan

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