Just Like That, Ruched Tops Became Everyone's Favorite Clothing Item

The slew of classics you see in your wardrobe today? Many of them started off as trends. They pop up and gain popularity, and if people gravitate toward them enough, you'll start to see them on the market season after season, and eventually, their consistent presence becomes the norm. That's the case with ruched tops. Alongside smocking, ruching within the fabric is an easy way to add a little something special to what could be a basic clothing item. I have mediocre sewing skills but have even used them to add ruching to a plain T-shirt to make it more interesting.

Now that ruching has surpassed peak popularity, there are quite a few options on the market. Whether it's ruching on the side of a top or creatively done on the sleeves or a neckline, it's a closet staple you'll want to get ahold of. Ruched pieces have been saviors to me. Whenever I want to keep things simple but still look (and feel) put-together, pairing one of these tops with a skirt or jeans does the job. I rounded up the best to shop below as well as some outfit inspiration along the way.

I'm not sure what I love more—the ruching, the fact that it's linen, or the neckline!

Ganni makes everything look cool, even tees.

Can we just take a moment for this color?



This top is almost too pretty to look at.

loud black-and-white prints are beyond easy to style.

See what I mean? Even paired with simple blue jeans, this top looks good.



If this summer has proven anything, it's that bikinis can pass as tops.

I love how this looks with tailored trousers.

I can see this becoming your go-to black top.



I know this is a dress, but I've seen it styled with pants, and it looks so good.

A little corset action for your pleasure.

This shade of blue is simply divine.



You can't go wrong with a white tank.

Leave it to Simone Rocha to have her own unique spin on it.

This one's out of my budget, but I can't help but stare at it.