How to Find Your 2018 Look


Sandra Semburg

This time of year, the phrase "new year, new you" gets floated around quite a bit. But when it comes to personal style, it may evolve, but there's no pulling a 180 on what you like to wear. Instead of trying to start over, we have a different sort of resolution in mind. Learn how to better define and celebrate your own personal take on fashion

To help you kick-start the journey, we're highlighting seven ways you can hone in on your sense of style in 2018. Armed with these ideas you'll have a fresh take on how to shop and an arsenal of outfit ideas for when you're feeling stuck. Going forward, you'll no longer find yourself staring into your closet with that sense of dread and hatred because you'll know exactly how to own your personal style.

Read on to find out how to highlight your personal style.