Do You Miss Your 2014 Skinny Jeans? This Is What You Need

Don’t get me wrong: I love—actually, am obsessed with—the new wave of stiff, vintage-inspired, straight-leg, flared, cropped jeans that have reigned supreme over the last few seasons (or should I say years?). Some of my favorites include but are not limited to these, these, and these.

That said, however, from time to time, I try something on and think to myself, If only my old skinny jeans were still as trend-forward as they were a few years ago. Especially when getting dressed for a night out, I’ve found myself craving something tighter on the hips and legs, and a little more flattering and fit for the occasion.

Enter the perfect hybrid, my new favorite, Levi’s Wedgie jeans. They might not be new to the market, but when I needed some new dark denim in my rotation, I came across this distressed black, tapered pair from Aritzia, and my wardrobe life was changed. Holding court at the intersection of trend-forward and flattering, they have that high-rise, vintage-inspired look we all love on top (including the Levi’s classic pocket), but as they progress downward, they possess a hip-hugging, skinnier style that perfectly fills in all those wardrobe gaps my old skinny jeans left behind.

If that weren’t enough, most pairs are conveniently under $100, making the decision to soon invest in a new wash or two a no-brainer. So if you’ve been craving a forward-feeling replacement for your old skinny jeans too, shop the jeans I’m loving now below.

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