Nothing's Harder Than Shopping for Swimwear Online, But These Sites Make It Easy

Shopping for swimsuits used to be the bane of my existence. Honestly, it still is sometimes. With my bra size being a DDD and my frame being on the smaller side, I have been assigned everything from a small to a large, depending on where I shop. For a while, my coping mechanism was to order the swimsuit in two or more sizes, try them on at home, and then return whichever ones didn't fit. That all changed when I realized that, with a quick shift of the websites and brands I shop for, I could find a way to get my size right every time.

No matter what your body type is, I'm sure you've been in the same boat. I'm here to change that for you. I've done all of the research and scrolled through every single swimsuit site—at least, I think—and these eight are definitely the easiest to navigate. As we've fully embraced the world of online shopping, it's never been easier to find a swimsuit online. May you find your new favorite bikini below.

1. Left on Friday


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I've never found it easier to find the right swimsuit size to order than when I stumbled across Left on Friday. The brand has an extensive set of pages on its site that offer many ways to determine the right fit for you. You can compare your body to its other customers and see what size they ordered, pick up a measuring tape yourself, or compare the sizing to one of the other brands that you already own.


2. Revolve


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Shopping for swimwear from a major retailer can be difficult. With so many brands on one site, your size may be different from one to the other. That's why I love that Revolve offers a fit-predictor option. You can compare a size you've worn in a similar brand to its styles to ensure you always get the right fit.


3. Frankies Bikinis


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You've likely said, "Shopping for swimwear would be so much easier if I just had a personal shopper!" When you shop at Frankies Bikinis, you actually get one. The brand's "fit experts" are on call for you to chat with them at any time. They'll tell you exactly what size to order, and they're (almost) never wrong.



(Image credit: @asos)

When it comes to finding size-inclusive swimwear options, you simply can't go wrong with ASOS. The retailer's collection of fun and trendy swimsuits includes options in every size you can imagine.


5. Nordstrom


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Just based on the variety of options that Nordstrom has to offer, you can always find what you're looking for when you head to its site. But really, what makes the retailer so helpful is the reviews. Nordstrom shoppers are dedicated to telling it how it is, and they will always let you know what size to get.


6. Shopbop


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Shopbop has been my go-to for swimmer shopping over the years because of how much fun I have scrolling. Bright prints, fun trends, and cool textures always pop up on the site, and I'm honestly obsessed.


7. Aerie


(Image credit: @aerie)

Here's yet another site that nails customer service. If you're lost in the sizing world of Aerie, you can always hit the chat button for some extra help. Every time I visit the site, there are new styles, and the price point just can't be beat. You'll always find the right suit when you stop by this store.


8. Good American


(Image credit: @goodamerican)

Good American is a swimsuit shopping destination that guarantees you will find what you're looking for. Every swimsuit is photographed on multiple body types, so you're bound to be successful in your shopping spree.


This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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