The Best Places to Buy Swimsuits and Why

Whether it’s a summer trip in the works, poolside weekend activities for the next several months, or a not-so-distant plan to lay out in the park this weekend (especially now that we finally have a few, precious slivers of sun in NYC), it seems safe to say that everyone has at least one reason to swimsuit shop. This can also be evidenced by our many swimwear-related posts as of late, including everything from the best swimsuit by zodiac sign to the brands one of our editors recommends to all her friends to even a French girl’s take on the category. So what’s next?

Well, as market editor, my personal specialty is straight-up shopping. And while I’ve already confessed that I don’t enjoy wearing swimsuits but love buying them, today I thought I’d continue to help the cause by sharing the places I think are the best for shopping them and why. After all, the experience of finding bathing suits isn’t always the easiest or most pleasant, so why not try to make it a little better? From the site with the best trends to where to go for classics and everything in between, continue on to read about the 10 sites I love for swimwear and to shop my picks from each.