It's Official: I Can't Get Enough of This French Perfume Brand

I’d say I have a pretty extensive fragrance wardrobe. In fact, a whole section of my dressing table is proudly dedicated to quite an array, from warm and woody perfumes to florals and citrus scents. And while I love to tell my girlfriends about my many, many, favourites or artfully arrange my vast collection for optimal aesthetic purposes, there is only one brand I return to spritzing time and time again.  

I first stumbled across Parfums de Marly in 2020, when I was interviewing The Receipt’s Podcast host and influencer Tolly T on an Instagram live. She started talking about her love for Delina, an iconic woody/floral fragrance from the brand, and I knew I had to get my hands on one. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. 


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A perfume lover's dream.

Founded by Julien Sprecher in 2009, the brand has already gone on to make its mark on the world of high-end, niche perfumery. "In the early 2000s, the great successes of perfumery seemed standardised and featureless,” explains Sprecher. "I then understood that Haute Parfumerie had a bright future ahead of it and I told myself that I could bring something to this sector.” 



The newest edition to the line up: Valaya Eau de Parfum

It’s no secret that the French do fragrance exceptionally well and I regard their perfumery as the epitome of luxury––just look to brands such as Ex Nihilo, Diptyque, Kilian Paris and Frederic Malle. French history is at the core of Parfums de Marly, with Sprecher proudly stating he was influenced by the palace and gardens of Versailles near to where he was born and raised, and the brand name was actually inspired by Château de Marly, a residence of French nobility. Plus, the packaging itself is pretty special. If you’re looking for a certain je ne sais quoi with your next statement scent, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Here are the best Parfums de Marly fragrances that you won’t regret investing in. 

1. The Showstopper

2. The Floral Icon

3. The New Kid on the Block

4. The Masculine Marvel

5. The Fancy Fragrance

6. The Sophisticated Signature

7. The Gilded Wonder

8. The Discovery Set

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