I Stalked Nordstrom to Find the Best Pairs of Jeans: 21 I Stand Behind


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I have a love-hate relationship with jeans. On one hand, they're my favorite thing to wear. On the other, they can be extremely difficult to shop for. Everyone has a denim horror story, jumping up and down in the fitting room and struggling to make a pair you so desperately wanted to work fit your body. While I've had my fair share of traumatic middle-school fitting-room experiences with low-rise jeans, I've come to figure out a personal life hack when it comes to shopping for denim. All you have to do is read the reviews. 

Although no one knows your style and body better than you do, shoppers around the world more than likely have the same concerns when it comes to jeans. Is the wash unflattering? Are they too long? Will they uncomfortably pinch your waist? While you can't exactly know how jeans will fit until you try them on, you can get a head start on figuring out which pairs are better than others by reading what other people think of them. That's where Nordstrom comes in. 

Nordstrom's no-frills rating and reviewing system is a lifesaver when it comes to finding jeans. After combing through reviews to find a pair myself for an upcoming trip I'm taking, I knew I had to share my full-proof system for finding the best jeans. From low-cost, high-joy pairs to denim that has hundreds of glowing reviews, these pairs passed my personal test. Scroll through to discover the highest-ranked jeans on Nordstrom.

Best High-Waisted Jeans

Best Wide-Leg Jeans

Best Skinny Jeans

Best Low-Rise Jeans

Best Flared Jeans

Best Plus Size Jeans

Best Straight Jeans

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