5 Jeans Trends Everyone Should Own in 2023 and the Best Versions at Nordstrom

I wear jeans almost every day and basically shop all day for work, so you can believe me when I say that Nordstrom might be the best place to shop for jeans on the whole damn internet. It has the classics, the latest trends, and options at every price point. It's basically a denim lover's dream.

If you want to shop for the best jeans on Nordstrom and want a little 2023 denim trend brush-up, you chose the right story to click on. There are five specific trends that are already everywhere this year and that Nordstrom's team of buyers has seriously invested in, so I did lots and lots of scrolling (just as I did recently with flat shoes) to bring you the very best of Nordstrom's current denim selection. 

Keep scrolling to upgrade your own denim collection for the year, courtesy of your favorite retailer (just a guess).

Flared Jeans


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Fashion people are throwing it back to the 1970s (again) with the revival of flared jeans. High-waisted styles will give you the sleekest look while low-rise ones will give you a 1970s/2000s combo. 

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Cargo Jeans


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Perhaps the trendiest style on this list, Nordstrom has a surprisingly hefty supply of cargo jeans. There are subtle pairs and extra cargo-y ones to choose from, so pick your poison.

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Low-Rise Jeans


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In case you've been living under a rock, low-rise jeans are back and as mainstream as ever. The easiest-to-wear versions are on the baggy side, and Nordstrom has plenty of options that meet both criteria.

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Barrel-Leg Jeans


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With their high waist, balloon-like legs, and tapered hems, barrel jeans are ideal for anyone who's still in their '90s era (which I fully support).

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Puddle Jeans


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They may not be practical for every situation, but puddle jeans are beloved by the fashion crowd right now. The fun part is that you can adjust your shoe pairing depending on the amount of puddle you want.

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