The Best No-Show Socks to Up Your Footwear Game

If we were to pick an underrated piece of clothing, the winner (or loser) would be socks—especially when they’re of the “invisible” variety. When you’re wearing low-cut booties or sneakers and want to keep the illusion of going sockless without actually forgoing them, what better way than to have stock of the best no-show socks in your drawer?

Perhaps you’re drawn to the athleisure approach with ankle or tube socks, or even prefer the socks-and-sandals look for your shoe game, but no-show socks will keep blisters at bay without standing out. As the temperatures begin to rise, show a little skin with your ankles and maybe show off that new anklet.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite no-show socks on the market. From basic white and black options to patterned iterations that’ll get you excited for spring (that is, if you aren’t already), these socks will definitely be game-changing to your footwear game.  

Whether you prefer solid-hued socks or springtime prints, these socks will make the perfect addition to your footwear rotation.