The New York Way to Carry All Your Handbags

The reality of living in New York is this: You're always stuck toting around something annoying. Whether it's lugging gym clothes to the office or making sure you have a cute pair of shoes to swap for your comfy walking sneakers, practicality is never an afterthought, as it's crucial to every outfit. But (no surprise here) NYC gals also want to be on top of the trends, which can mean that sometimes you have to get creative. Baby bags don't exactly lend themselves to the NYC lifestyle, but that hasn't stopped the coolest girls from figuring out how to make things work.

Instead of resorting to an oversize purse, they double up, putting just the essentials in an itty-bitty bag and throwing everything else into a bigger style. This combination makes for the ideal pairing because it allows for New Yorkers to keep tabs on whatever they may need throughout the day without ever having to sacrifice personal style. If you're going to have to bring along a larger bag anyway, you might as well have fun with your purse of choice. Read on to see how they pull off this fun combo and to shop our favorite pairings too.

How New Yorkers carry their handbags



Style Tip: Wear your structured work tote with a larger carryall bag to keep all your must-have items on you.

Style Tip: When you're running out and about, you can always use an easy, foldable bag with your mini purse.

New York handbag trick with fanny pack



Style Tip: If you're heading straight from the office to the gym and need an easy way to carry one of your bags, opt for a fanny pack.

Style Tip: This New York handbag trick works well for micro bags too—especially when you're on vacation. Just wear one with a regular crossbody and you're set.

How to carry a mesh net bag



Style Tip: Carry a chic clutch in an expandable mesh bag for an unexpected styling trick.

Acrylic handbag styling trick



Style Tip: Another option is to put a smaller clutch in a clear acrylic bag to let it show through.

Two bag styling trick



Style Tip: A belt bag combined with your favorite shoulder bag will always be a good combination.

Style Tip: When in doubt, you can always use a mesh shopper tote—which can be easily stored in your smaller purse—to carry your larger items.

This story was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Dale Chong. Up next, see the French-inspired handbag trend we can't stop thinking about.