This Designer Makes Functional Yet Stylish Winter Boots, so I Tried Them

When most people think of Moncler, they think of the puffer coat that gives you instant cool status. Its coats are literally next-level, as they were designed to keep workers warm while they made expeditions among the mountains that approach the border of Switzerland. As the brand grew to be renowned in the fashion world during the '80s, it became known worldwide that all of its winter gear is designed to keep you warm and comfortable no matter how much snowfall hits overnight. And Moncler's snow boots are no exception.

Functionality is quite important to me being a New Yorker. We experience all four seasons with winter being the most challenging to get through. I grew up with the comfort of only walking from my car on colder days so living in New York and walking everywhere presented a challenge for me. One thing I've learned the hard way is that the right pair of boots make all the difference. On a snowy day, sneakers will simply not do. It's important to have a few pairs of snow boots on deck. I like to have a pair that I don't mind getting absolutely trashed and then a pretty one to wear once the snow dust settles. Today, I write to you while wearing a pair of Moncler boots. Stay tuned for my review.

If you want to feel like your ankles are surrounded by a warm pillow, I just found the perfect pair of boots for you. It's essentially like wearing a puffer coat but on your feet which is something that I'm most definitely here for. I love that they can tie up tighter for extra warmth and to avoid letting the snow fall into them. The lug soles are the perfect finishing touch.

Shop the boots:

I love how eye-catching this metallic style is.

If you're looking for something more subdued, I guarantee you that this pair of snow boots is going to be in your closet for life.

Now let's talk about how I'm styling these boots. Since they're so amazing, I wanted to show them off as much as possible so I printed pair of tights was a must-have for me. Since it was a colder day, I was eager to wear a turtleneck to keep myself warm. I topped it all off with a puffer coat that screams "après ski."

Shop my look:

I think I made the right choice when I picked out my winter coat for this year.

I wear my micro skirt on repeat.

Shop More Moncler Boots

This is the perfect take on the lug-sole trend.

I'll take a break from my black snow boots and try these on for size.

Combat boots are always a good idea, especially when they're built for snow.

A hidden wedge is perfect if you're looking for some added height.

Every detail from the hidden zipper to the subtle logo makes these boots seem so luxe.

Shop More Snow Boots

Yes, the mini Uggs everyone is obsessed with right now come in a snow-boot version.

This might just be one of the best snow boots I've seen.

It's a shearling overload and I'm here for it.

As aforementioned, I like a pair of snow boots that I can absolutely destroy if need be so a budget-friendly find is always a good idea.

I've never met a fashion person who doesn't love these.